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Nextuus Art Contest - Katja/Carabelle by Sakkeru Nextuus Art Contest - Katja/Carabelle by Sakkeru
So NyQuilDreamer is running a contest for his fantastic comic Nextuus, in which you draw a character from Nextuus either dressed as or interacting with a character from another comic/whatever the hell you want that has characters. I went with the first option (though I may draw more.)

So this is Katja the psychic dressed as Carabelle the magician. You could say I picked this because they're both magic users with strange scars and limitations they'd rather not have... though in reality that sounds like student's justification, and I've been wanting to draw Katja for ages anyway ;)

I tried to go for a Nextuus-ish style, and I like how it turned out. In reality I would have shaded it much better but I am just so hot (my bedroom is currently sitting at 26 degrees celcius, even though I've got both windows and the door wide open and a fan on.)

[EDIT] Carabelle is this lady here. I'm currently working on a proper ref sheet for her which I'll upload when it's done. [/EDIT]

Drawn in SAI2 (beta). Time... an hour or two, I think.

Katja and Nextuus © :iconnyquildreamer:
Carabelle © :iconsakkeru:
NyQuilDreamer Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2016
Most excellent! It's great to see your take on my style and character!
Thanks so much for entering the contest :D

You ought to put a link to a reference of Carabelle, too ;)
Sakkeru Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you! Katja's very fun to draw.

I'll put a link to the current one then, though I'm currently drawing up proper refs for her as the current one is a little out of date. I'll add the new ref when it's done though.
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July 20, 2016
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